A Fresh Start

So…again, this place is super duper dusty. School happened, husband became Senior Pastor at church, a new house was moved into, baby #3 was born, and school happened some more…eek!! I really WANT to stay active in the blog world. So, an attempt again…

As school was happening, there were some shifts that occurred in our district. Long story short, I am moving from part HS/part MS to full time MS this year (100% by choice!). This means I get my own room for the first time since I started in this district. Additionally, I will be teaching one 7th grade section, one accelerated 7th (8th grade content), and all of our District’s 8th graders (including Alg I…which I have taught here the last 3 years). New curriculum time for me!!

I have 14 pictures I could post…but that would be insane. Instead, here is a picture of a magazine holder I found in a room that has furniture that is up for grabs. I am thinking it will hold work for absent students, work for extra practice (think Wall of Remediation)…one column (each a different color) for each class I teach. Any other ideas of how I could use this?

Magazine shelf











Another unique piece of “furniture” I found was an old lab table on wheels. It has character and fits perfectly in front of the vault that is in my room. No, really, there is a vault in my room because it used to be the office (see below). It isn’t used, but creates some “nooks” in my room. It’s right inside my door, so the lab table will sit there with handouts, supplies, etc, needed for the day. More pics as that space comes to life! Anyway, in the lab table, one of the cabinets had a “silver” platter from Dollar General in it. I decided to spruce it up with some chalkboard paint. I then stole an idea from here . Here’s the outcome…

Awesome Sign

Vault corner











I made a document in Pages; printed it by flipping horizontally, traced with normal chalk, rubbed it onto the platter, and then used chalk markers to trace! It was pretty easy, and I think it’s fun. I will probably hang it in the hallway by my door!

That’s all for now. Hopefully I will make time to update as I work on my room, as well as the curriculum!


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