#Made4mathmonday: Algebra I Brochure

So, last year, sometime after I’d already prepped my beginning of the year materials I happened upon this idea for a class brochure instead of a handout with class rules/policies on it. I LOVED it, and spent quite a bit of time today creating my own. Here is my draft. I need to read over it a few more times for typos and maybe to condense some. Additionally, I am torn about my quotes. I want to convey that this year students may be challenged more than normal, and that class structure will be different than what they (and I) are used to…but I also don’t want to scare them (or their parents). What do you all think? Advice? Thoughts?



One response to “#Made4mathmonday: Algebra I Brochure

  1. I love this. I too am trying to do my syllabus as a trifold. I want to be able to have students tape it into their ISNs. Seeing yours has helped me feel motivated to work on mine. Thanks for that!

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