How To Learn Math Concept Map

Here is my (rather simple) concept map from Session 1 of Jo Boaler’s How To Learn Math Course.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 1.31.50 PM


#made4mathmonday Tuesday edition ;)

So…long story short…I started the new blogger initiative last year. I did well for awhile. Then school started and I was preparing for maternity leave that was the second 9 weeks of school. When I returned in January, I had an additional prep (making 5) and never got settled enough to make this a part of my routine. Excuses, excuses, right?


Anyway, I have been following so many people on Twitter and so many blogs since then that I keep feeling the desire (and a bit of guilt) to start contributing more! So, here’s something quick I made up today. The idea for these are from a coworker (with whom I am revamping our Alg I Curriculum ENTIRELY this year…more on that later, most likely). We have issues of students walking off with calculators they borrow while in our room. She mentioned making a checkout card for them and they have to place it in the calculator caddy she has hanging in her room when they borrow a calculator. This allows for a quick visual of what is missing and who is responsible. I don’t have a hanging calculator caddy in “my room” (my home base that I teach in twice a day, luckily the other one I teach math in is hers…more on my schedule another day) but found a small hanging pocket chart in the Dollar Section at Target the other day. Here is the PDF of the business size cards I am making for my students. I will laminate them and write their name on it. They will have to have it to borrow a calculator (I will most likely hole punch it so they can put it in their binder). I am contemplating putting something on the back (maybe Emergency–locker/restroom–passes that I will cross off as they use). We’ll see.

Target Dollar Spot Pocket Charts

Target Dollar Spot Pocket Charts

Calculator Check Out Card