Review Games and Activities

I am looking forward to this week’s topic because I need some fresh review ideas! I hope that something I write about will help someone out and this week isn’t all about me borrowing ideas from other people, but also contributing to other math teachers. 


Jeopardy w/ Buzzers: I have used a PowerPoint template for Jeopardy on several occasions. Usually I use this to review a large amount of content, like near final exam time. It allows me to cover several chapters worth of content in one game. Lately, my classes have been small enough to break my students into four teams. I use these for answer buzzers. My students LOVE when I pull these out, and are very choosy about which color/sound they get! 


Post-It Note Review: This isn’t necessarily a game, but I find it to be a good source of feedback for me. I break students into teams and give them several questions. I then tell them to work on a certain section of 4-6 problems. Once they decide on answers as a team, they write down the problem number, group name/symbol/number, and solution on a small post it. When they have all of the problems done, they put them on the board, where I have a section for each problem. I set my timer for a certain amount of time, and they have to finish in the given time. I like using this because I can still “keep score”, which the students like. It also allows me to see if the entire class has a strong understanding of a concept, or if no one has a good grip on what we’ve covered. 


Around the Room: I use this for review, but just for an in class activity, too. I simply print off a set of problems, and tape them around the room in a variety of locations. There is only one problem per page. I pair students up and they walk around working through their problems. I do not have them timed, but will occasionally check in to see how much progress the students have made. 


Stations: For this activity, I pair desks together. Students work in pairs, again, and work through the problem(s) at their pair of desks. I set my timer, and when it goes off students rotate to the next station. At the next station is a file folder with neon paper in it that has a worked out key for students to check their work. I use the bright paper so I can quickly see how long students are using the key, and can go work with students who seem to be struggling or get them in gear if they are being lazy and just using the key to write down answers. 


I don’t use too many other games during class. I have used a football game , with a template I found on SMART Exchange. I have also played a baseball game with my students, where if the students get an answer correct they draw an index card. The index cards have a variety of positive outcomes: BB, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR. I put more 1Bs in than other hits, and if students get a problem wrong they get an out. I tend to use these while the games are “in season”.