#hssunfun: Organization

I literally LOL’d when I read the tweet that announced this weeks #hssunfun topic. I was pretty much picturing my husband’s reaction if I were to tell him I was going to blog about being organized! Let’s just say that the teacher I share a room with is VERY tidy. Her desk is basically empty at the end of the day, at the beginning of the day, and pretty much all day in between. Then there’s my desk…well…let’s just say I could be that annoying messy roommate! It’s not that things are a disaster, or gross. It’s just I’m a pile-er. I would love to blame it on the fact that I am coming and going all day long. I set down what I am finished with and grab what I need for the next few classes. There isn’t much time to get things put away. I think that I am a “visual” person. I need to see what I have to work with. When I am planning lessons, I need to be able to see my resources. If everything is tucked away too nicely, then I have a hard time remembering the things can work with.

I *just* had a conversation with another teacher (a science teacher whose room I get to teach in 1 period a day) about organization. He’s a pile-er too! But…we decided we’re okay because we don’t lose things and we can find things when we need to.

Here are some of my organizational tools I am currently using:


The folders are color coded. I have two for each class period. One is for materials for that day and one is for collected work/hw/things to grade. I have had these for a few years, but this year I am finding them very effective. I am able to get them ready in the morning, and then I grab the folders I need for a few hours before I can get back to my room (remember…I am not in any one classroom for two class periods in a row!). We are only a week into school, but so far the system is working well!

The other picture is my post-it note lesson plan book. I found it on Pinterest.  Some think I have way too much time on my hands. However, I like that I can move post-its around; its size is perfect for me, and I can re-use post-its next year if I want. Again, we’re only one week in, but thus far it is working well for me!

Beyond that…I use post-its and to-do lists like it’s my job! Again, if I SEE what I need to do, then I do it. I currently have one from the Target Dollar section that lists the days of the week with room for a checklist on each day. It has definitely helped me to not lose my mind in the chaos of the start of the year! I would post a picture, but I forgot to take one and it is at school. I love it!

I also am working on using binders to organize meeting notes, PBIS “stuff”, and my attendance/grade checklists/etc. They aren’t quite up and running, but a work in progress.

So, how do YOU stay organized? Are you a neat and tidy organized person, or more loosely (possibly considered messy) organized person?

Also, sorry for the less than stellar photo quality…and their location in the post. I am still new at this :).


5 responses to “#hssunfun: Organization

  1. We have a teacher at our school who was going to use post it note lesson plans, but we are going to a common template for our school.

    I am a fellow pile-er also, but I say it works for me so I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I do not lose things. I also know those teachers who have nothing on their desk ever. I think they are robots or have a robot eating their “paper”. I just don’t see how someone can have NO paper of any kind.

    So, I am new to blogging as a math teacher. I am trying to figure out all of the “days” and Sunday seems to be hssunfun. Who sends out the topic for the day? And is there anything more to do? I am just trying to get started on my blog and this seems like a perfect way to do that!

    Thank you in advanced!

    • If you tweet…@Carol_Leonard (commented on this post too) is the one who tweets the topics for HSsunfun…Here’s her blog: http://anotherteacherblog.blogspot.com. I follow a host of math teachers on Twitter…several also do a made4mathmonday post (where they post something they created for their class(room)…whether a worksheet, lesson, poster, or something cute for their classroom). There is also myfavefriday which is sometimes math related and sometimes not. I am simply on the HSsunfun and new blogger initiative bandwagon. Here’s the link about the NBI http://samjshah.com/2012/08/06/new-blogger-initiation-pledge-by-tuesday-august-14th/. Not sure if you can still hop on. Those two things are helping me to post at least twice a week, which seems just right for me right now. I may add more, but that seems manageable for me right now!
      Thanks for commenting :).

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