Here goes nothing…

After much contemplation and much time spent lurking on other blogs, I have decided to be a contributor! I have tried blogging about our personal life, and just never stuck with it. Maybe it was the lack of direction…too many topics to choose from…maybe it was the lack of time…maybe it was not feeling like I had expertise in any one area…I don’t know. But, I am hoping having a focus and a passion will help me to be a (bigger) contributor in the professional world. I follow several math educators in my Google Reader; I happened upon the #TMC12 folks on Twitter…and am super encouraged by the network of MS/HS teachers they seem to be creating/organizing. I don’t know who gets credit for all of that, but I am super grateful to have happened into it!

About me…I am starting my 8th year of teaching. I am in my 3rd school, having spent 1 year teaching Alg I and Applied Math I at my first school and then getting RIF’d; 5 years teaching a combo of the following: Alg I, Core Plus Math: Course 1, Algebra Foundations (an RTI class), Statistics, Jr Seminar (test prep for Illinois’ PSAE) at my second school; and starting my second year teaching 8th Grade Alg I (advanced students), Advanced Math Concepts (Alg/Geom mix for 11th/12th graders…lower level), Math Strategies (RTI class), and co-teaching a STEM class with a Science Teacher for the top of the 8th grade class (we’re using a unit of the iMaST curriculum) at my third school. In addition to my math teaching, I am the PBIS coordinator for our High School. That may bleed into my blogging every once in awhile, but I will most likely try to keep it focused on teaching math! Each of the three schools I have taught in have had less than 450 students.

I am excited to become a part of a greater network of teachers…to encourage others who are like me (and not like me)…and to be encouraged by others. Here goes nothing…


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